COMING SOON MickeyFinn Espresso Martini ! Our newest Flavour Out Summer 2021!

As if you couldn’t get enough… Say Hello to the newest addition to the Mickey Finn Family: the Espresso Martini . A Golden, Three- Bean “ROBUSTO” Martini. Cold Brewed and Cold Filtered, so all you have to is pour and enjoy! A vodka style 15% simple and delicious Summer Cocktail, our Espresso Martini was crafted with espresso martini lovers in mind. If that’s you, you’re welcome.   

Pour it into a martini glass if you want to be edgy and sophisticated, or pour it anywhere if you’re simply looking for a tasty treat. Combining morning and afternoon into one drink, kick off your night with a boost from your Mickey Finn Espresso Martini! It’s one of those drinks that allows you to maintain respectability while you’re sipping on a drink and slipping into fun. 

Coffee Style Alcohol

Jumpstart your after-dinner evening with our Espresso Martini poured over ice or served in a martini glass. Be careful – you may be up all night after a few of these – unless that’s what you’re seeking. Aren’t we all…

Who said night time controls all the fun? Mickey Finn’s Espresso Martini is a perfect companion to your Sunday brunch or afternoon cocktail hour. How lovely it is to sit in the garden sipping on your favourite coffee drink with the sun beaming down on your face. And if you want to wake up to an espresso martini, who are we to say no? 

Surprisingly strong, the Mickey Finn Espresso Martini is perfect if you need an energizing cocktail. Pass around an espresso martini pitcher for a little warm up before a night on the town. Or stir up some cocktails for friends after dinner under the stars on a breezy summer evening. 

Rich Flavour Making Espresso Martini Sophisticated and Edgy
Appealing in both flavour and colour, our Espresso Martini is smooth and tasty. Mickey Finn handcrafts our Espresso Martini along with all of our natural flavours, using only the finest ingredients. 

If you’re sophisticated and edgy… or if you want to appear sophisticated and edgy, keep our espresso martini in hand at all times throughout the summer. The rich flavour will keep you coming back for more.

Whether you pour it over ice in a rocks glass or shake it up with ice in your cocktail shaker, you can’t go wrong choosing our espresso martini as your go-to summer drink. In fact, you can only go right with the simple serve drink poured straight from the Mickey Finn bottle. And if we’re getting fancy, rim a martini glass with granulated sugar before pouring. 

Blend Mickey Finn Espresso Martini with ice and cream and then float on a cloud of an alcohol-infused coffee bean milkshake to cool down a warm summer day. Mix our espresso martini with vodka – for an edge- to wake up cocktail hour on that same summer day. 

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