COMING SOON MickeyFinn Pink Cucumber. New Flavour Out Summer 2021!

Are you ready? Like anyone could be ready for this! Say Hello to the newest addition to the Mickey Finn Family: the Pink Cucumber Gin Style Liquor, our new flavour out in May, 2021! 

The weird and wonderful world of pop art is a mash up of colour and ideas like Mickey Finn’s marvellous mash up of gin, cucumber, junipers, and citrus fruit infused with alcohol. Sounds almost healthy, doesn’t it?

Feel refreshed while sipping your cool pink cucumber gin style cocktails all summer long. Enjoy a starry sky on a warm summer evening while allowing the pink cucumber flavour to infuse your mouth with the taste of summer. Awake to an outdoor brunch complete with your pink cucumber cocktail paired with fruit and style.

Mix Up Some Cocktails with Gin
Mix-n-Mash Mickey Finn Pink Cucumber liqueur with tonic to make pink cucumber G&Ts. You’ll fall in love with the sparkling colour, as well as the clean, fresh taste of pink cucumber. Or, for those missing their glass of wine, you can add pink cucumber to a wine spritzer for a sunshine cocktail. Then, serve it ice cold on an unseasonably hot day!

Combine lemon juice and soda water with Mickey Finn Pink Cucumber for a simply delicious summer gin lemonade. Fill your shaker with ice, pink cucumber, and lime juice, shake until frosty, strain, and serve with lemon slices for a twinkling gin cocktail. 

For a citrusy twist on your gin cocktail, mix Mickey Finn Pink Cucumber with grapefruit juice for a double-pink colour and double-delicious flavour for a hot summer afternoon. We all know grapefruit is great for weight loss! 

Simple and Delicious Summer Cocktails
The living is easy during summertime! For a simple and delicious summer cocktail, mix Mickey Finn Pink Cucumber with soda and lime for a light and clean taste. It’s almost too easy…

For another great summer cocktail, throw in some watermelon to mix with your pink cucumber to capture that fruit flavour and then garnish with mint and lime. Perfect for a picnic in the park under a bright blue sky! 

Bursting with cucumber flavour, Mickey Finn’s Pink Cucumber provides a light and breezy taste for those bright and easy summer afternoons rolling into summer evenings. Ideal for summer cocktails, pink cucumber offers a bright and vivid cucumber character to any drink, as refreshing as a summer breeze. 

Mickey Finn always makes it easy: throw some ice in a glass, pour some pink cucumber on top of the ice, and then let your imagination run wild – what else do you have on hand? Orange juice? Works for us! A little gin and juice never hurt anyone. Pink cucumber is the perfect ingredient for your summer cocktails, especially if you like to keep life simple. 

Make summer cocktails with pink cucumber at home or bring it on the road to your holiday destination. It packs well and arrives on time. The natural tasting cucumber is handmade for those who like to spend time relaxing and enjoying life. 

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