Pitcher Cocktails to Cool Off the Summer

You couldn’t survive the summer without Mickey Finn’s pitcher cocktails, could you? Why would you? All you need is a bottle of Mickey Finn’s all natural fruit infused with alcohol and some ice – maybe put on a bathing suit but not totally necessary. 

With loads of flavours to choose from, Mickey Finn will make your summer tasty and interesting. Spend your warm summer evenings with a cool pitcher of sweet and juicy strawberry infused with alcohol liqueur – or sparkling raspberry… or sharp blueberry… you get the idea. 

Jolt Your Buzz with Coffee Style Liqueur

Mickey Finn is making it easier to stay up all night – as if you needed us to make it any easier – with the release of our new flavour Espresso Martini. We didn’t want to leave out the espresso martini lovers during the summer holiday. 

A real simple serve, our espresso martini is a spin-off of the classic whether you want to get fancy with a martini glass or blend it up as a pitcher to pass around among a group of friends. Skip the espresso machine and pour your Mickey Finn Espresso Martini straight from the bottle into a cocktail shaker, add some ice, and shake it up for a yummy treat or two or a few after dinner in lieu of dessert. 

Delicious Summer Cocktails Made Easy

With summer arriving, Mickey Finn rekindles your love of summer cocktails. We can’t think of a better way to launch the season than to toast with a summer cocktail made with our natural Mickey Finn liqueur. 

And as always, Mickey Finn is making it simple and easy to pour a cocktail. We know how difficult these things can be. Try on an appletini made with our Cracking Irish Apple Liqueur mixed with vodka. 

Add Vibrant Colour to any summer cocktail or pitcher and bring the party to life with Mickey Finn. From turquoise blueberry to vibrant raspberry to shimmering strawberry and the remaining rainbow of colour from our flavours, your pitchers and cocktails will be almost as bright and colourful as your personality! 

Infuse your summer cocktails and pitchers with natural fruit bursting flavour! You didn’t hear it from us that you could combine all of the Mickey Finn berry flavours for a mouth-watering, bursting-with-berry pitcher to stun your taste buds: Scrumptious Strawberry, Ruby Raspberry, and Sour Blueberry. 

If you’re trying to break your fruit habit, we’ve got you covered. Our Salted Butterscotch Liqueur is an equally sweet and oh, so rich flavour for your summer cocktails. Mix Mickey Finn Butterscotch with some ice and cream, and you may as well as open an ice cream stand for the summer. Indulge in the rich butterscotch flavour after dinner while enjoying the summer night air.   

And for those on a health kick, remember to try the new Mickey Finn

crisp, fresh Pink Cucumber Liqueur, which brings a light and breezy taste to your summer cocktail. Enjoy a summer of clean living by mixing pink cucumber infused with alcohol with soda and lime. 

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