Rare Cocktail Flavour

Surprise your friends with Mickey Finn’s Electric Blueberry Liqueur when you arrive to your holiday destination! A rare cocktail flavour, blueberry brings a sweet-tart taste to your alcohol. Unique in mixed drinks, tangy blueberry brings a different flavour to fruity cocktails.  


Real Fruit

An ingenious crafting, only the most delectable blueberries are selected and lovingly pressed before being infused with alcohol. Our blueberry liqueur includes fruit juice from natural concentrate. Made of fresh blueberries, our delicious alcohol truly is electric – it’ll knock your socks off! 

Chill a bottle of our blueberry liqueur before pouring shots for you and your friends. Use it to make mixed drinks. Or create an easy fruity cocktail with our blueberry alcohol. Toss raspberries and strawberries in your blueberry liqueur cocktail for a berry delightful fruity taste bud tour! 


Tastefully Made

Handcrafted with suspiciously real fruit juice, Mickey Finn’s Electric Blueberry Liqueur is the best fruity alcohol – what memories are made of! Emblazon the unforgettable taste on the tongues of your friends and the shocking sight of blue on their eyes as they down the blueberry alcohol. 


Cocktail it!

And when you return from holiday, grab another bottle of our blueberry liqueur for easy alcoholic drinks to make at home. Blueberry provides the rare and delightful taste that pairs so well with a variety of different flavours. From mango to lavender, you can experiment to your palate’s delight with blueberry liqueur cocktail mixers.

Play with the fun colour and fruity flavour of our blueberry liqueur by mixing it with soda water for a blueberry fizz. Or throw in some white cranberry juice and ice for a blue tartness extravaganza! Test out sweet flavours like pineapple juice to mix with the blueberry liqueur. Both the unparalleled colour and flavour make our blueberry alcohol a party in a bottle!