A Modern Classic

A spin off of the classic, Mickey Finn’s Espresso Martini Liqueur is a real simple serve for all espresso martini lovers. A modern-day favorite, the rich espresso martini is named for the glass in which it is traditionally served. But you can also serve our espresso martini liqueur as a chilled shot while on holiday with a group of friends. Mix the delicious alcohol with a long drink or serve the flavourful espresso liqueur as part of a cocktail.  

Espresso Martini

Despite its contemporary appeal, the espresso martini traces its popular roots to the 1980s when the famous bartender Dick Bradsell of Fred’s Club in London juxtaposed the spewing coffee grounds from the neighboring coffee machine with hard liquor, which was at its height in popularity. The resulting espresso martini fulfilled a top model’s request for something that will wake her up and then get her going.  

Who needs an espresso machine when you can pour your espresso martini straight from a Mickey Finn bottle? A perfect energizing cocktail, the espresso martini is surprisingly strong, as well as sophisticated and edgy. Whether you’re with a group of girls pre-drinking before a night on the town or with a group of friends enjoying after-dinner drinks on holiday, the espresso martini is monumentally appealing in both flavour and colour.  

Hand Crafted

Enjoying uncontested popularity, espresso martini alcohol is smooth and tasty. Handcrafted and natural, Mickey Finn hand selects only the absolute finest ingredients and ensures that all our liqueurs are lovingly created to perfection.  

For Martini Lovers

For easy alcoholic drinks to make at home, fill your cocktail shaker halfway with ice, add your espresso martini liqueur, shake as hard as you can for 30 seconds or until it becomes foamy with a pronounced cream, strain into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with an orange peel for a taste that induces salivation.