Where can I buy Mickey Finn?


You can buy Mickey Finn in all your local Tesco's, Super values, and Dunnes. We're never too far away from saving you on those warm summer days when either mouth-watering chilled shots or easy to make pitcher cocktail is on the evening's menu!

Unfortunately we cannot sell online just yet, but we're working hard on getting MF online sorted where we will be able to sell and deliver directly to your doorstep! Subscribe to the email for updates and news on everything Mickeyfinn.


What gives Mickey Finn the fruit taste?


Glad you asked! All Mickey Finns products are made from Natural Fruit Juice Concentrate and not artificial fruit flavouring found in many “fruit juice” alcohols.


What’s the Best Way to drink Mickey Finn?


There's no right or wrong way to drink MF. Your favourite chilled shot and flavour can be mixed into most of your homemade and pitcher cocktails, amateur or professional "mixologist" if you're looking for a burst of natural fruit flavour with some colour look no further. See Our Blog Post on Easy to make summer pitcher cocktails to get some ideas.


Can I buy Mickey Finn Shot glasses?


Visit the cocktail glass page on the website and place your order, these glasses were exclusively made to hold the perfect shot off Mickey Finn to chill first and shoot later! Perfect for when family and friends come over.


Do you guys have  social media accounts?


Of course, head over to our Instagram and FB page for monthly give-aways, cocktail ideas and a growing social community of MF lovers.