Refreshing Flavor

Bursting with a clean, fresh cucumber flavour, Mickey Finn’s Gin Style Cucumber Liqueur delivers a light, breezy, and smooth finish. The perfect companion for you and your friends as you head out on a holiday together, our cucumber liqueur provides a savoury cucumber taste, so fresh and crisp on the palate.  

Chill Out

Your cool cucumber drinks will leave you feeling refreshed. Chilled cucumber liqueur shots will boost the mood among friends. And remember your fresh cucumber cocktails as you sit down to a weekend brunch or sit outside enjoying a summer night.  

As part of Mickey Finn’s handcrafted commitment, we hand select only the absolute finest ingredients and ensure that all our liquors are lovingly created to perfection. Only the freshest cucumbers are selected and lovingly pressed before being infused with alcohol. Oh, so natural – you’ll think you’re visiting a spa and drinking cucumber-infused spring water.  

Delicious Drinks

A delicious alcohol, our cucumber liqueur offers a light and pure cucumber flavour. The natural tasting cucumber alcohol is like a crisp, cool breeze. For time savoured versus spent, enjoy Mickey Finn’s Cucumber Liqueur for a bright and vivid cucumber character.  

Ideal for cocktails, our cucumber liqueur is the perfect ingredient for easy alcoholic drinks to make at home. A clean backdrop to mix with mint, lime, and watermelon for a fruity splash, our cucumber liqueur infuses you with the taste of summer.  

Mixing it Up

Make it easy by mixing our cucumber liqueur with tonic or soda for a taste so light and clean that you won’t even detect an aftertaste. Add fresh lime juice and simple syrup to your tonic and cucumber liqueur for a sweeter twist on a fresh cocktail. Make a pitcher of your cucumber liqueur cocktail to pass around among friends for a vibrant and spirited dose of freshness.