Where We Started

Apple – where it all began… Mickey Finn was an Irish American speakeasy owner who bootlegged whiskey in apple barrels in his Chicago saloon during the early 1900s into prohibition and beyond. Laying the foundation for fruit flavoured alcohol, Mickey Finn is now known as the “King of the Apple Liquors” and his namesake Mickey Finn Liqueurs make real fruit flavoured apple liqueur among many other delicious fruity flavours.  

Can You Handle It?

Real Fruit

Using only the finest natural ingredients and real fruit juices, Mickey Finn Kick-Ass Irish Apple Liqueur is a fruity alcohol full of that crisp apple taste. Made from sun-ripened apples freshly picked from the tree, our apple alcohol features real fruit juice from natural concentrate.  

Share some of your delicious alcohol with your friends on holiday whether you poor a chilled shot brimming with fresh apple flavour or you serve up a tasty pitcher of easy fruity cocktails. A party favorite, Mickey Finn Kick-Ass Irish Apple Liqueur delivers a sweet and fruity flavour that everyone savours.   

Real Apples

Tastefully Made

An ingenious crafting, only the most delectable apples are selected and lovingly pressed before being infused with alcohol. Handcrafted with suspiciously real fruit juice, our apple liqueur is made with the finest ingredients to ensure fruity apple perfection.  

Irish Apple

Mix It Up

For easy alcoholic drinks to make at home, fill a shaker with ice, add our apple liqueur and lemon juice, cover and shake for 15 seconds or until condensation forms on the outside of the shaker. Then, strain into a chilled cocktail glass for the Mickey Finn version of a sugary-sweet appletini.  

Try mixing cranberry juice with your apple liqueur over ice to juxtapose the tart and sweet flavours for a refreshing mixed drink featuring a bright red colour. And if you’re feeling a chill, warm up your apple liqueur, add some cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves for a toasty warm apple pie in a glass. Yum!