Bursting with delicious natural raspberry flavour, Mickey Finn’s Raucous Raspberry Liqueur can be enjoyed as a chilled shot, mixed with a drink, or served in fruity cocktails. You’ll feel your mouth popping with raspberries when you taste the tangy sweetness of the raspberry alcohol.  


Burst of Flavor

With a handcrafted commitment, we hand select only the absolute finest ingredients – only the most delectable raspberries – and ensure that our raspberry liqueur is lovingly handcrafted to perfection. Savour the bursts of sweet raspberry in this delicious alcohol.  

Made with fruit juice from natural concentrate, our raspberry liqueur achieves this kind of flavour by infusing ripe raspberries with alcohol. Can you handle the fruit? For easy fruity cocktails, pack a bottle or two of our Mickey Finn’s Raucous Raspberry Liqueur when travelling to a holiday destination.


Fresh Fruit

The best fruity alcohol is a savoury raspberry liqueur perfect for refreshing cocktails such as a raspberry margarita to pitcher among friends on holiday. Both sweet and tart, our raspberry liqueur is handcrafted with suspiciously real fruit juice for a spectacularly flavourful experience.  


Alcohol Evolved

Enjoy the scent, the sight, and the taste of the luscious raspberry liqueur when preparing for easy alcoholic drinks to make at home. With a blender and some ice, your raspberry alcohol will quickly evolve into a frozen delight that will literally melt in your mouth as you chat away with friends.  

Raspberry blends so expertly with so many other flavours, you’ll have a hard time choosing which mixer to try – best to try them all at some point or another. Raspberry liqueur mixed with ginger ale and lime is refreshingly zesty! With freshly squeezed lemonade, your raspberry liqueur will pack some zing! And for your experimental friends, try lightening up a dark beer with a shot of the raspberry liqueur – be careful – this is tricky fruity territory!