Life Is Sweet

No matter the season, Mickey Finn’s Scrumptious Strawberry Liqueur is a wonderful companion for your holiday destination with friends, as well as for a fun time gathering together at home.  

Kick off your warm summer evenings with a cool pitcher of scrumptious strawberry beverage 

Real Strawberry

Fruity Flavor

A fruity alcohol, our strawberry liqueur combines the tasty and juicy splurge of delicious strawberry infused with alcohol for a festive celebration. Whether you’re passing around a frozen pitcher of strawberry fruity cocktail or adding the delicious alcohol to your favorite mixer, Mickey Finn’s Scrumptious Strawberry is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  

Warm up your cooler holidays by passing out chilled shots bursting with mouthwatering strawberry flavour. Handcrafted with suspiciously real fruit juice, Scrumptious Strawberry liqueur looks and tastes like luscious strawberries picked straight from the bush. We select only the most delectable strawberries and lovingly press the fruit before infusing it with alcohol.

The Best There Is

Handpicked Fruit

Our natural strawberry alcohol is your go-to bottle for easy alcoholic drinks to make at home. Combine the strawberry liqueur with lemonade and ice for easy fruity cocktails - strawberry lemonade with a kick! The best fruity alcohol can also be mixed with cream and soda water for an adult Italian soda – oh, so delizioso! 

Crafty Cocktails

Brighten It Up

Mickey Finn’s Scrumptious Strawberry Liqueur brings fruity flavour to your drinking holiday. Brighten the good times with both the strawberry colour and taste. Oh, so natural – you’ll almost feel you’re consuming a health drink. With fruit juice from concentrate, your strawberry liqueur cocktail is as healthy as you can get while drinking alcohol.  

Inexplicably fruity, our strawberry liqueur brings great-tasting strawberry fruit flavour to your mouth by shot, by mixed drink, or by cocktail. With any number of methods to serve our strawberry liqueur, you’ll need a good long while to exhaust your options of delightful tastes.